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Just Pretend You Are A Pegasus CD

Image of Just Pretend You Are A Pegasus CD


Panda Steps In Chocolate's first release, is a self released 12 track CD called Just Pretend You Are A Pegasus. It's Limited to 100, each cd is hand packed by Christian himself. Each CD is unique in its own way in the fact that Christian hand did artwork for each one. Just Pretend You Are a Pegasus comes with PSIC stickers as well!

Track Listing
1.To Build A Hot Air Balloon
2.Don't Look Over the Edge you Might Fall
3.Clap On Clap Off (omg)
4.Shift Your Weight Hit a Double
5.My Pool Nice Jacket Aaron
6.Dinos Come From the Deep
8.Panda Meets a Girl
9.Chk Chka Scared Priest
11.If You Are Mighty and Triumphant You Like Carls Jr.

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